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Coordinates:S32°1'0.12", E115°57'0"
[ -32.0167 | 115.95 ]
Postal State:Western Australia (WA)

Brixton Street Wetlands :: 3.1 Kilometres
The Brixton Street Wetlands is an environmentally significant wetland area in the city of Perth, Western Australia. The wetlands are located in the suburb of Kenwick, in the south-east of the city not far from the foot of the Darling Scarp. The Brixton Street Wetlands occupies 1
Rehoboth Christian College :: 3.6 Kilometres
Rehoboth Christian College, formerly Rehoboth Christian School and for many years utilising separate designations as Rehoboth Christian Primary School and Rehoboth Christian High School, is an independent protestant Christian day school located in the south-eastern corridor of Perth, Western
Westfield Carousel :: 4.5 Kilometres
Westfield Carousel is a major shopping centre, owned by the Westfield Group and located in Cannington, a suburb of Perth. It is located approximately 12 kilometres from Perth on the Albany Highway, and approximately 600 metres from Cannington Train Station
St. Norbert College (Perth) :: 4.6 Kilometres
St Norbert College (SNC) is a private Catholic secondary school in Queens Park, Perth, Western Australia. Founded in 1965 by Fr Peter O’Reilly O Praem, Fr John Reynolds O Praem and Fr Stephen Cooney O Praem, Norbertine priests and educators, the school was named after Saint Norbert of Xanten

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