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Coordinates:S32°0'0", E115°55'0.12"
[ -32 | 115.9167 ]
Postal State:Western Australia (WA)

Chamberlain John Deere :: 1.8 Kilometres
Chamberlain John Deere is a brand of tractors from Australia. Whilst Bob Chamberlain was working as a tractor mechanic in Victoria he designed a tractor and built a prototype tractor around what he believed farmers wanted. It became the basis of the 40K model tractor
Division of Swan :: 2.6 Kilometres
The Division of Swan is an Australian Electoral Division located in Western Australia. The division is named after the Swan River. For several decades, it has been a marginal seat, extending along the Swan and Canning Rivers from the affluent suburbs in the City of South Perth to the west, which
Nyandi Women's Prison :: 3.1 Kilometres
Nyandi Women's Prison was a correctional facility that became the Boronia Pre-release Centre for Women after its expansion in 2004. Located in Bentley, Western Australia, the prison was originally a juvenile detention centre for girls, and it was later used as a pre-release, low-security facility
Vose Seminary :: 3.1 Kilometres
Vose Seminary, formerly the Baptist Theological College of Western Australia, is a Christian educational institution located in Perth, Western Australia.

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