About Us

BeliefMedia is an all-inclusive media company based in Sydney, Australia. This site is one of several hundred that we own and operate.

Several years ago, we built a little postcode search site at AussiePostCodes.com (in fact, it was one of our first). ePostcodes is a natural variation on that early (uninspired) theme. AussiePostCodes.com was originally website was built to serve a single purpose but, since that time, it's become evident that a more robust and scalable solution was necessary... not to mention the need for an API function that would assist us - and others - with other applications. This site by BeliefMedia is the result of that evolution.

This site is well and truly in the very early stages of development. We decided to make elementary parts of the site available because of our own need to access certain components of the basic API.

Note that this site currently searches Postal Areas. For PO boxes and other codes, please visit AussiePostCodes.com.

A basic (readable) sitemap of all Australian postcodes can be found here.

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